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Why choose ResponseStar?

There are a lots of survey tools around to choose from but ResponseStar is different!

Here's how...

UNIQUE free text analysis


ResponseStar system has a unique feature - it analyses FREE TEXT. These are the comments people enter having answered all the prompted and multiple choice questions. Research shows that the real value is in the FREE TEXT because this is where people write what they really think. If you're running a business this information is vital to really understand the issues at hand.  Read more about free text analysis...

We do all the work


ResponseStar Managed Service is just that! There is no need to put resources aside to run your survey. We will do all the work and send you the completed managed results report and within 3 weeks of the survey being sent out.

Free survey rerun


We will offer you a FREE rerun of the survey at a timely agreed interval (suggested 6 months or one year), to measure any changes your management team have made since receiving the results to the first survey. This will allow you to show your staff and other stake holders how you have reacted to the first set of results.



The Managed Service is completely confidential so no one in your organisation will have access to individual or collated results other than the management team in receipt of the results report. Respondents can be rest assured that their responses will not compromise their positions within the organisation.

You're in safe hands


ResponseStar has 25 years experience of running managed surveys - leave it to the professionals to run your survey while you run your organisation!

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