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Showing that you have listened to your survey responses

Have you thought about using a simple “You Said … We Did …” poster?

When you have spent time writing questions designed to draw out valuable information from your employees, you will want to make changes as a result. But have you thought about how best to share these positive changes you will make as a result with your teams, and the increased engagement you’ll notice as a result?

Remember to thank your employees for taking the time to talk to you, assuring them that you value their opinion. Then do something, however small (a “quick-win”), to show that you listened, that you understood and that you are committed to making changes as a result of their feedback

We find that using a simple “You said … we did ….” poster such as the one shown above, works well. In addition you could send details of changes via an internal blog, as a news item on the home page of your intranet, cascaded through management team meetings and in an all staff email.

Keep your staff involved and they are more likely to give you more honest and actionable feedback in future.

In time, ask them for feedback on the changes made. Hopefully you will receive positive reinforcement and more suggestions for further improvements.

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