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Improving staff engagement and productivity

Did you know that organisations with high levels of staff engagement achieve 22% higher productivity2


And twice the annual net profit3?

Improving staff engagement by making changes to enhance employee experience is made simpler when you ask for confidential, unconstrained feedback via survey software guaranteed to protect their privacy. ResponseStar can provide not only graphical displays and analytical reports on the quantitative data, but can help you truly listen to views and experiences expressed in free text comments. Our specialist software can help you to turn this valuable source of information into meaningful actions to enhance employee experience, improve engagement and lead to higher productivity and business success.

Read how to optimise your survey process in our article to improve engagement: The Survey Action Cycle: Ask – Analyse – Act – Announce

Ask us for more information about how ResponseStar survey software can drive business success.

2 Employee Engagement and Performance: The Latest Insights from the World’s Largest Study, Gallup, 2020

3 Employee Engagement – The Evidence, Engage for Success, 2012

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