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Managed survey  free follow-up

This option is free of charge and can only be taken as a follow-up to the Managed Service. The date of return will be decided at the end of the first survey presentation.

Week 1
  • We start with a Zoom meeting to re-visit the original brief.

  • Some of the questions originally used may no longer be relevant and therefore will be updated and other changes will be made as required.

Week 2
  • A project timeline will be proposed.

  • Meanwhile you collate an updated Excel sheet of Respondents Data. We will send you the Field Names to ensure the correct data is collected.

Week 3
  • We will update the survey to your specification and send it to you for approval.

  • We write an Introductory Email to your respondents to explain the project to them. This is sent to you for approval before sending to respondents.

  • The survey is sent out for response. Respondents are given one week to reply.

Week 4
  • We chase up any respondents by email and telephone if they have not responded.

  • All data is gathered and analysed and returned to you as a Management Team in report format.

  • Specific areas of change are highlighted from the first survey.

Week 5
  • We present the report to you (and your team) via Zoom and PowerPoint

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