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Managed survey

This is the standard option - we take all the work away from you and come back with the results. The survey is sent to your respondents by email on an agreed date.

The process will normally be as follows although if response times in terms of approvals are quick from your team, the process can be faster. 

Week 1
  • We start with a Zoom meeting to take the brief from you (and your team).

  • We will ask you about objectives, specific requirements and aims and we will suggest ideas which we think may be of relevance.

Week 2
  • We write the brief and send it to you for approval.

  • A project timeline will also be proposed.

  • Meanwhile you collate an Excel sheet of Respondents Data. We will send you the Field Names to ensure the correct data is collected.

Week 3
  • We will design the survey to your specification and send it to you for approval.

  • We write an Introductory Email to your respondents to explain the project to them. This is sent to you for approval before sending to respondents.

  • A few days later the pilot test survey is sent to a sample.

  • Any problems are ironed out and technical issues addressed.


Week 4
  • The survey is sent out for response. Respondents are given one week to reply.

Week 5
  • We chase up any respondents by email and telephone if they have not responded.

  • All data is gathered and analysed and returned to you as a Management Team in report format.

Week 6
  • We present the report to you (and your team) via Zoom and PowerPoint.

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