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Free text analysis -

features & benefits

Many survey designers endeavour to include as little free text as possible in their surveys for fear of too much unstructured data being required for final analysis. Therefore multiple choice questions with prompted answers are used to help steer the required responses. But this does not enable the respondent to communicate outside of those parameters.


Unlike other survey software on the market, ResponseStar provides a uniquely efficient tool to enable you to get the most value from the free text comments within your survey responses, turning a wealth of unprompted data into meaningful actions.

What does it do?


ResponseStar allows the Survey Analyst to design and select filters and apply them to the responses including free text and then tag responses, in order to give them some structure which facilitates analysis and reports.


With ResponseStar, previously unstructured data becomes readily presentable and available for analysis and action. Nothing is missed.




Respondents feel listened to when they are able to add more free text options to express their opinions - this in turn improves your response rate.


Any comments of concern can be quickly identified, escalated and addressed. This opens up the value of feedback for improvement and development over a period of time.

How does it work?

Integration is simple, intuitive and does not require specialist expertise.


ResponseStar software interfaces with your chosen survey software and replicates your questions automatically in to the User Interface.The application is easily customised to meet the requirements of a range of surveys including Survey Monkey, Lime Survey, Smart Survey and others.

On subscribing to the software, your chosen software is remotely integrated with ResponseStar and supported by PDF instructions/video & support desk.

If you choose our managed service, we will do this for you!

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